Paper Twist

For years I went straight into shading geometric shapes and then into a grid drawing using graphite.  I kept thinking I wish my students had a little more practice getting the hang of how to shade.  I also feel being able to apply the vocabulary I need them to understand so I can communicate with them how to shade is very valuable.  If they know what I mean when I say, “this area here is a value one, the shadow here is a value 6, this is a soft gradient, and that’s a hard edge” half the battle is over.  Recognizing the value of the contour line and shading the inside of the shape the same value is priceless.  Being able to shade a smooth gradient is also key to a successful foundation.   Scaffolding on top of the drawing exercises we learned previously and moving onto this project has been the extra practice I think they needed.  My students have gained confidence in their ability to draw and the rest of the year is going to be pure fun.

Have you tried EdPuzzle with your videos? I took my video and added questions to it. It’s been a great way to hold students accountable for the information they should be getting and I don’t have to repeat myself when it comes to directions. Well, for the most part, I don’t have to repeat myself. Click here to try it.

Link to Paper Twist slide show published to the web.
Link to Paper Twist Google Slide show you can edit.


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Cheralynn Johnston

Having the ability to flip the room so my students are leading their own learning has given me more freedom to help students one on one. I started off by making video demonstrations and since have been wrapping my lessons up in a HyperDoc. I wouldn't say my room has been completely flipped, but it is definitely blended learning. I love teaching and I am thrilled that I can share my lessons with you.

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