Impressionism is a favorite style for most beginning artists and a fun little painting to teach.  These landscapes were 8 x 10″ and didn’t take longer than a week and a half.  I had full intentions to film the demonstration process, but I was having so much fun painting I didn’t film… maybe next year!

After they finished their landscapes I gave them a 16 x 20″ canvas.  The only criteria was to try and paint the painting in an impressionistic style.  I like this project because it’s a great way to introduce the artistic process of inspiration, research, planning, execution, and criticism.


Link to web-based slideshow

Link to editable slideshow


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Cheralynn Johnston

Having the ability to flip the room so my students are leading their own learning has given me more freedom to help students one on one. I started off by making video demonstrations and since have been wrapping my lessons up in a HyperDoc. I wouldn't say my room has been completely flipped, but it is definitely blended learning. I love teaching and I am thrilled that I can share my lessons with you.

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