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Cheralynn Johnston – artist and educator

What is a HyperDoc?

Graphite – Drawing Exercises

Graphite – Contour Line – Shoe Composition

Digital Portfolio’s Using Google Sites

First Week Of School

Drawing Your Selfie Using Your Personal Data

Blue Tape Murals

Paper Twist

Geometric Still Life

Personal Monuments

Rulers and Grids

Grid Drawings

Introduction to Charcoal

Charcoal Flowers – Padlet – Flip Grid – Critique Tokens

One Point Perspective Boxes

Pen & Ink, and a successful critique!


Introduction to Color

Watercolor Techniques and Miniature Accordion Books

Watercolor Playing Cards

Acrylic Self Portraits and Fair Use Laws


1pt Perspective Dream Rooms

2pt Perspective

Positive Behavior Intervention Systems – 2018-19 PBIS Lessons

“Two-fer” PBIS lessons and Nearpod

Distant Learning Resource List