Drawing Your Selfie Using Your Personal Data

Another teacher posted a link to this article and I loved the idea so much I made a HyperDoc out of it.  I literally copy and pasted straight from the article.  I gave the author, James Freitas, credit and posted a link to the article at the bottom of the first slide.

Here is a link to the article: How to Draw Your Own Selfie — Using Your Personal Data

Here is link to a published version of the HyperDoc.

Here is a link to the Google Slide Show that you can edit to your liking.   

First Week Of School

I really do love the first week of school.  It’s not Christmas, but sleeping the night before has always felt like I am ten years old and I am way to excited to sleep.  Then… the alarm goes off and I want to snooze away.  I have always felt the worst part of my job is an early alarm clock.  I have come up with a few ways to curb a little of the exhaustion that comes with the first week of school, but I don’t think there is a way to avoid the after school nap.

CLASSMATE BINGO – link to digital file.                           Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 11.06.33 PM

I love this game because it gets them up and talking to each other within the first few minute of class.  I wait to take roll until after the game because it gives me a chance to introduce myself personally to each student and hear them say their names.

COURSE SYLLABUS SCAVENGER HUNT – link to digital file       

    Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 7.23.24 AM
Do you get sick of hearing yourself talk?  Don’t do it.  A simple solution is to film a video.  This is by far one of the best things I have done for myself during my teaching career.   I have made an eight-minute video introducing my course syllabus.  Along with the video, I have also created a scavenger hunt for my students to play.  My students were engaged and on point when I reviewed the questions with them.  Due to this being a flipped room activity, I am able to run around like a crazy person, solving whatever first-day issues arise while they are on task.  An added bonus to creating this video is I also use it on back to school night.  (10 minutes x 6 periods) + 1 video = an evening out of the year, for every year of your teaching career, where you won’t have to repeat yourself over and over.  This makes talking in front of a camera totally worth it.

Digital copies of my course outlines.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 11.13.46 PM.png


ART 1-2 COURSE OUTLINE – link to digital file

ART 3-4 COURSE OUTLINE – link to digital file



I squeeze this in when I have about 15 minutes to spare at the end of a period.  Basically, we are drawing a person passing the drawing to the right between each aspect of the figure.  First, I have them draw a circle in the upper 1/4 section of the page and then they pass the paper to their right.  Next, I have them draw a neck and pass it to the right.  Part by body part or item of clothing, I have them draw the figure, passing the drawing to their right after every step.  After they complete their collaborative drawings we do a gallery walk so we can enjoy the creativity of the room.  I like to talk with them about drawing ideals and how art is more enjoyable when we let go of the idea that art is only good if it looks like a photograph.

“GETTING TO KNOW YOU” GAME BOARD – link to digital file

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 11.06.06 PM.pngThis is the first year I have done this and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It will take a little more than 2 class periods and is totally worth it.  The kids are laughing, getting to know each other, and learning some key things they will use all year long.  They learn how to make a copy of a digital handout, add the turn in folder to their Google Drive, how to submit a digital assignment, how to use FlipGrid, and most importantly they make a friend in the classroom.

While they are engaged in the activity I was able to walk around and input their names into the seating chart.  In the years past I have sent the seating chart around and let them fill it in.  This time I was able to talk to everyone individually and find out just exactly what they want to be called and the correct pronunciations of their names.

I have also included video explanations of three team building games we will play throughout the week.  Letting them see the rules of the game before we play will hopefully make leading the games a little more efficient.

TWO TRUTHS AND ONE LIE- link to digital file

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 11.05.42 PMI have my students fill out a slip of paper that I keep in a folder on my desk for a time filler when instruction doesn’t go all the way to the bell.  I introduce the student, read the three sentences and have the class try to figure out the lie.  This gives me a chance to ask each student a little about themselves in front of the room.

In a blink of an eye, it is going to be Thanksgiving break, Winter break, Spring break, and then it’s the end of the school year.  I highly suggest making all of your photocopies during the last week of school leading into the Summer break.  I know at the time it’s hard to imagine the next school year,  but it’s worth it.  You will be ready to go and will not have to deal with the copy room cluster.

Have an amazing first week of school!!  If you have name games or tips you do to make your first week of school a breeze let us know in the comments below.


Digital Portfolio’s Using Google Sites

Last year was my first year incorporating digital portfolio’s into my curriculum.  Our students have grown up with plug and drag programs their entire lives.  They catch on fast and in the end, I think they taught me more than I taught them.  My favorite aspect of this assignment is knowing they are learning 21st-century skills to create a valuable product.

The downfall of this assignment is grading.  One way to grade is to have a master spreadsheet with live URL’s.  I created a Google Form to collect their URL’s, and then downloaded the entries onto a spreadsheet.  This is a great way to grade for content, but it can take forever.  I found the easiest way to assess is having due days where I walk around and they show me their sites.  This way I am able to give verbal feedback, answer questions, and target students in need of more guidance.

Student chrome-books are finicky and can be totally frustrating.  Figuring out how to upload, manipulate, and add photos to their sites was a feat.  We learned a lot together and now that I understand a little more I have recorded ScreenCastify demonstrations for every step.  I’ll keep you posted as the year progresses!

Link to HyperDoc: Digital Portfolio Instruction
I created this HyperDoc using Google Sites.  It’s great because students will be able to model their site after the format they are using.  It’s bad because I don’t think I can share it with you so you can edit it to your liking.  If you know of a way let me know, I don’t mind sharing.



Shoe Composition


I have to give Brian Wall credit for introducing me to a lot of my lessons.  He was my colleague when I worked at Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, California.  I am really blessed to have had such a great mentor for the 10 years that I worked with him.  I truly cherish that time and value the collaborating we were able to do.  This lesson has been tweaked over the years, but for the most part, was passed on to me from him.

I made and have used the demonstration videos in class for a few years.  This will be the first year that I am incorporating the videos into a HyperDoc slideshow.  When I first made the videos I really didn’t know what to expect.  They have improved my teaching and made the day more enjoyable.  I am not repeating myself a million times and I am able to walk around and give one-on-one demonstrations as needed.

The last slide is a work in progress.  The purpose of the final slide is for self-critique and instructions for their digital portfolio.   I am working on a website tutorial along with some standard forms for their personal websites.  My goal is to have this available when school gets rolling in August.  Stay tuned I’ll be posting that next.

Web-published post link to HyperDoc lesson: Shoe Composition

Link to file you can editlink to HyperDoc lesson: Shoe Composition


What is a HyperDoc?

HyperDoc’s have changed the way I teach forever.  Since our school went 1:1 I have been playing with the media to present my lessons to my students.

I started out making stop motion videos to demonstrate lessons.  Days of using a document camera are pretty much over.  Making videos is an amazing tool for so many reasons.  My classroom is differentiated and student engagement is remarkable.  I am able to navigate around the room and help students as everyone is maneuvering through the steps of the lesson on their own.

One of the challenges I have had in lecture-style teaching is student accountability.  I remember talking to the class, asking a question, and day after day I would hear from the same students.  Honestly, I felt like I was pulling teeth to get the entire room to interact with me.  Then HyperDoc’s happened.  Through this mindset of developing a lesson my content has more flow and is 100% engaging. HyperDoc’s is a platform where you can embed a range of online apps that help to engage students and assess comprehension.   I wouldn’t say my room is 100% flipped, but it is definitely blended learning.  I love it and so do they.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 6.02.24 AMLast year I attended the CUE conference for the first time.  I kept hearing people talk about HyperDoc’s.  So I went to a presentation and listened to Lisa Highfill (one of the authors) speak and it all clicked.  This is a mindset on how to package am interactive learning experience.  There is a path you offer your students that leads them through the journey of your lesson.  Since I have been developing my lessons using this mindset I feel I have become a better teacher.  Here is a link to the book (I am not affiliated with them what so ever).  HyperDoc Handbook on Amazon

This is a web-published link to HyperDoc slide show I am going to use to present to my colleagues.  This lesson is a work in progress and some of the links are not totally functioning.  I will link them right before I present end of July, 2018.

Link to file you can edit link to HyperDoc lesson: All Wrapped Up


Drawing Exercises

What’s really going on? Maybe I am nuts…. but I am thinking about the beginning of the school year already. This is only because of a veteran teacher’s advice during my first year of teaching.  He told me, “Don’t leave on the last day of school without having the first week of school ready to go.” All except for 1 out of 16 years I have followed his advice. The year I didn’t, I cursed my own name in vain. I was stuck in a broken down copy room trying to making copies of my course outlines and classroom bingo cards. This year I threw this packet into the mix, so I am all set for the first week of school…. it sounds insane, but believe me it makes going back so much easier!

My goal in this lesson is to: build confidence, teach foundation skills, and start a dialog about vocabulary.

Web-published post link to HyperDoc lesson: Drawing Exercises.  

Link to file you can edit link to HyperDoc lesson: Drawing Exercises.  

Cheralynn Johnston – Artist and Educator

imageI’ve been teaching high school art since 2000.  I took a couple of years off and went to SCAD and earned an MFA in Painting.  I really thought I was going back to the classroom “for a year” to figure out life and finances after grad-school.  This Fall I will be starting my 7th year at Salinas High School and 17th year teaching.  Needless to say I truly love my job.

A few years ago Salinas High School District offered 1:1 chromebooks for our students.  At first I really didn’t know how this technology would be an asset to the art room, but I was eager to figure it out.  It’s put the spark back into creating lessons and totally changed the way I teach.

I am pleased to share with you what is working for me and my students.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  I love knowing I am not only teaching my students, but being able to share and collaborate with teachers around the world.